Austin Wintory

As an artist, I often use music to help inspire me. So as a composer, what do you use to help inspire you? This is something I have always wondered about composers. :)

Austin Wintory responded on 10/08/2012

Composers in general get inspiration from all sorts of places. My NUMBER ONE source of inspiration are the works by my cousin Sonja Eisenberg:

I would say that my music is constantly searching for ways to be as equivalent as possible to her paintings and poetry.

Obviously other music is going to inevitably be a big one too! In that department, for me the composers I most look up to Jerry Goldsmith, Bela Bartok, Benjamin Britten, and Stravinsky. The list quickly fans out from there but other cherished composers would be Brahms, Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland, and Samuel Barber. Among the living I'd put John Corigliano, Aaron Jay Kernis and Elliot Goldenthal at the top of the list.

And course there are many other wonderful contemporary musical characters. People like Jon Brion (in particular when working with FIona Apple) and Bjork are particular favorites ...

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