Austin Wintory

What would you say are your absolute favorite movie/game soundtracks? And if you were tasked to do a reinterpretation of a movie/game score, which one would you want it to be?

Austin Wintory responded on 04/02/2012

It's funny you should ask this ... I have many that I love! Reinterpreting some of the classic themes from Final Fantasy, or the LucasArts adventure games would be wonderful.

Also last year I conducted a concert which featured some re-arranged versions I did of 'Baba Yetu,' 'The End Begins,' and 'Cohen's Scherzo No. 7,' which were all great fun.

Hard to say my absolute favorite. Jerry Goldsmith's THE WIND AND THE LION is among my all-time favorite film scores. GRIM FANDANGO is potentially my all-time favorite game score though that's very, very hard.

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