Austin Wintory

I only know of your name because of Journey, have you been involved in other games? Other media entirely?

Austin Wintory responded on 03/25/2012

Yes I also wrote the music for thatgamecompany's first major game called flOw (I did the original flash version which was Jenova Chen's USC Master's Thesis, and then I did the PS3 version too). I am also currently finishing a game called Monaco for Pocket Watch Games, due out later this year.

I've also done about 35 feature films. You can see the list on my website, many of which are available on DVD (

And I also write concert music for orchestras, chamber ensembles, solo recitals etc. And when there's extra time, I often do little weird musical experiments for fun. As an example you can hear my single "Khor" by searching "Austin Wintory Khor" on Youtube ...

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