Austin Wintory

What can you say to those who want to living from Music or Drawing? I mean how hard it is to be a Musician and create such deep and unusual pieces? Have you ever hard times and thinked about quitting?

Austin Wintory responded on 03/04/2012

It is definitely hard. But I think that's the best part about it. Because it's so difficult to actually earn a living as an artist, no one ever does it by accident. You have to constantly push and fight for it, which means that you should only pursue it if you really REALLY love it. If you simply can't imagine anything else for your life.

In other words, no I've never dreamt of quitting. I can't imagine it. This is all I know what to do with my life. And I think if you feel the same about drawing (or anything at all), you will be the same. It's that love you get from it that sees you through the hard times.

I know this seems naive and idealistic, but it's true. I've seen it proven over and over and over ... The secret is to remember that "failure" is a fictional concept. No one will ever tell you you've failed. No one will fire you. Only you can decide you've failed, and that's quitting. So if you never quit, you'll never fail.

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