Austin Wintory

Where do you seek inspiration for your Music? (I know it's a standard question...)

Austin Wintory responded on 03/04/2012

I seek inspiration from everywhere I can. If it's a game I'm scoring, inspiration comes from the game itself and from the collaboration with the developers. Same for films, etc.

But in the broader sense I draw a lot of inspiration from the world itself. People's stories, history ... these are very powerful for me. And other artists. In particular, my cousin Sonja Eisenberg. She is a painter in Manhattan and one of the most important forces for shaping my music. You can see her works here and I HIGHLY recommend checking it out:

Finally, and probably above all, the musicians I work with are my inspiration. Be it Tina Guo (the cellist on Journey, plus a bunch of my other scores like Grace, The Conformation, etc), or a full orchestra like the Hollywood Studio Symphony or Golden State Pops ... when I write for people I know and admire, it makes my writing better. They bring it to life in a way that is beyond my abilities.

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