Austin Wintory

What you did to become a videogame music composer? I'm composer and i would like to be a videogame soundtracker someday, but i don't know where to start, what to do, or who i need to talk. Good day.

Austin Wintory responded on 03/01/2012

I am a lifelong gamer and I think that's ultimately the best advice I can give. If you love the medium, you will naturally gravitate towards others who do and eventually some of those people will be making games of their own and needing a composer. In my case, I attended USC and met Jenova Chen who later founded thatgamecompany with Kellee Santiago. I worked on Jenova's thesis flOw, then the PS3 version of it, and obviously recently Journey.

I highly recommend you join the Game Audio Network Guild: They are a wonderful organization for game composers. And above all, try and attend the GDC ( It's actually next week so it's probably too late for this year. But they happen all around the world, though the main one is SF in March each year.

I hope that helps! Like I said ... if you really love games, you'll find work. I know that sounds idealistic but it's true :)

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