Austin Wintory

What was your inspiration for the music of Journey.

Austin Wintory responded on 02/21/2012

My inspiration was Journey itself! The music was written with a lot of detail for the game, moment by moment. Nothing was composed in a vacuum, where we then tried to find a place for it. So the game itself informed all of my decisions.

I would also say thatgamecompany was my inspiration. They are a remarkable team and, as always, Jenova Chen is amazing to work with. He has such creative ideas and unique perspectives while we're working.

And finally, the musicians for whom I was writing were my inspiration. The interaction with performers is probably my favorite part of being a composer, and in this case I was blessed to have a truly stellar lineup. Tina Guo was the extraordinary cello soloist who you can hear in both trailers. I'll discuss the other soloists soon on my blog.

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