Austin Wintory

Austin... how is it that you're able to write such great music for screen, console, AND concert stage? Did you have good teachers that you studied with?

- Anonymous Aspiring Young Composer

Austin Wintory responded on 02/11/2012

You are far too kind. And yes I was fortunate to have a handful of great teachers. My childhood piano teacher was named Derry O'Leary. He was a die-hard fan of Jerry Goldsmith and turned me on to the world of film music.

In high school two teachers in particular (named Bill Erickson and RJ Miller) really got me on the path.

Then in college I studied with Charles Fussell, Deniz Hughes, Eric Muhl and Morten Lauridsen. Very diverse composers and all very generous with their wisdom.

And I know it's cliche sounding, but in all honesty I am a lifelong student ...

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