Austin Wintory

Hi !
I discovered your music very recently, and i saw your music on bandcamp.
The CD Journey: Transfiguration was at 1$, but now it's at 8$.
Did i miss the opportunity ? And, if i miss it, do you know how long this CD will remain available ?

Thanks for your work, and keep going your wondrful music !

Austin Wintory responded on 09/10/2014

Hi! You managed to discover Transfiguration during that tiny window in which I'd marked everything on bandcamp down to $0 for my 30th birthday! As of this morning it's all back to their normal price; the CD was $1 because I couldn't give a physical CD freely apparently.

That said, there is no shortage of them. I produced a bunch and so if you're interested in buying it, there is zero rush!

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